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    Emerald garden

    Covering nearly an acre of land, this emerald garden fills the air with clean, grassy fragrance and soothes the soul with serene pastoral views, proving there’s more to Kenting than sun, sand, and beach culture - come to Grass Villa and discover Kenting’s quiet side.

    Rent an entire scenic villa

    This villa is rented out to only one party at a time, allowing guests to feel completely at home and fully enjoy the courtesies and offer. Kenting Guesthouse Grass Villa offers top-notch facilities, as well as a private housekeeper to meet guests’ every need.


    This luxurious outdoor spa may become the highlight that brings you back for another stay.

  • Large villa: (1 two-person suite + 2 double bedrooms)

    Fixed price:16000



    extra bed:500 per pax

  • Small villa: classic two-person suite

    Fixed price:5000



  • Book the entire estate (large villa + small villa)

    extra bed:500 per pax

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